With the Super Bowl only a week away, the NFL’s ban on medical marijuana has once again moved to center stage. To briefly recap, NFL player’s tear their bodies up every week and are provided with enormous amounts of pharmaceutical painkillers to play. Players are putting their health at risk and increasing their risk of addiction to entertain legions of fans.
Check out former Carolina Jaguar Eden Britten’s locker room expose and a plea to NFL Commissioner Roger Godel to embrace medical marijuana:

“I had used cannabis before, but it wasn’t until my shoulder injury that I began to understand its medicinal power. For the first time in my football career, I unwittingly conducted my own experiment on the efficacy of various pain-relieving methods. The contrast between the effects of marijuana and hydrocodone, as well as between marijuana and the anti-inflammatories I was taking, was remarkable. With pills, I experienced little relief from pain and a slew of side effects including severe migraines, insomnia, massive mood swings, irritability and trouble controlling my anger. With cannabis, I felt calm and relaxed, which placed me in a state of healing. The aching pain in my shoulder, my bones and the rest of my body hushed to a quiet hum with no negative side effects.”


Listen to our 3 part interview with Eben here: https://soundcloud.com/cscgivers

Moreover, former players are also suffering from the long-term effects of head injuries, wrecking havoc in theirs. And their families lives: suicides, depression, and dementia are but three of the numerous problems facing ex-NFLers. The NFL just settled a multi-billion dollar lawsuit with injured players, which will allow older players to afford medical marijuana.

And the NFL still has a ban on medical marijuana, treating it as a street drug, even though a number of players use it on a regular basis, thus exposing players like Britton is to long-term harm.

Here are three ways medical cannabis and related can help:

Aches and Pains: topical CBD oil or Cannabis oil works great on sprains, bruises, and plain ol’ muscle soreness. It is a natural way to ease the pain after a game – winning the Super Bowl is another great way to take the edge off.
Inflammation and Pain: ingesting cannabis is an excellent way to reduce the swelling and acts as a deep pain relief remedy. It also helps with sleep.
Head Injuries: As the Department of Health and Human Services states, CBD oil is great for reducing the damage done after hitting helmets all game long. It reduces the swelling in the brain, limits the formation of scar tissue, and helps the brain work better by improving neuronal connectivity. Not only is cannabis for serious hits leading to concussions, but to also limit done butting heads play after play.
The NFL should wake up and help move players off of addictive pharmaceuticals and take a natural approach to limiting the inherent damage the game inflicts on the men who play it.