With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the pressure to find that special gift that says “I Love You” in just the right way, and within your budget, can get the best of you. If your special someone is 420 friendly, including a cannabis gift, can be the 21st-century twist on a dozen red roses. If you decide to get flower- or cannabis-infused chocolate – instead of flowers, here are some suggestions on how to use cannabis safely and enjoyably your Valentine’s Day festivities, thereby ensuring the night will end on a high note.

Cannabis Gift Basked: Create a budget and set out to get a variety gift package of herb, edibles, and sex play cannabis products. Smoke a little, eat a little and play a little. We can put a gift package together for as little as $50.00 at www.calstatecaregivers.com while you are there pick up some Foria to make the perfect 420 evening.

Cannabis as an aphrodisiac: If you recreate with the right strain, your senses are heightened. As most partners will tell you, more play with the foreplay is the best way to satisfy them: more touching, the right lighting, good music, and good food all seem better under the influence of cannabis. Use this to your advantage to create a night both of you remember. Marijuana can also reduce stress  – a huge barrier to sexual satisfaction – allowing your lover to sit back, relax, and enjoy the evening

Cannabis Massage: Pick up some cannabis-based massage oil and offer to give your partner a massage. While non-psychoactive, the cannabis-based massage will relieve aches and pains, cause your partner to relax (see #2) and heat up the energy in the room.

Cannabis And Sex Play: Some people report that applying cannabis oil to the genitals increases sexual pleasure. Whether this is a placebo effect or not is unimportant – if it works, it works. Make sure the oil is edible and if you are using your tongue (highly recommended, by the way) on the areas where it’s applied, you may feel a bit of intoxication from absorbing the oil through the mucous membranes in your mouth. So. be conscious of where the oil goes and where your mouth follows.

A note of caution: if alcohol is involved in your evening plans, make sure to use some cannabis before consuming the alcohol. Reports have indicated that you drink less when high. If one of you has had too much to alcohol, pass on using cannabis until another time, especially if you are new to edibles. Otherwise, head spins or worse may ruin the evening and lead to an early bed time. On a lighter note, if your partner can’t control their laughter before or during lovemaking or is more interested in the leftover dessert in the fridge, go with the flow and wait for that phase of the high to pass before getting serious between the sheets. And don’t take it personally your partner is laughing hysterically while you are undressing, it isn’t about you. It’s about the high-quality cannabis you got your 420 lover(s).