Service You Can Count On

Our goal is to ensure that:

  • Every person who joins our collective, will feel respected, valued, and a part of a healing community
  • You will receive safe and affordable treatment options
  • You receive information and expertise from an extraordinary environment of medical care, advice, and care
  • Every legal patient will have safe, convenient access to medicinal cannabis without having to visit a dispensary in person


Access Medical Marijuana and Resources

Navigating the new world of medical cannabis can be challenging. There are many different options to choose from but only a few are likely right for you. If you have any questions about products, you can reach us by phone at 877-897-1414, or send us an email,

Our Mission

We support our patients by providing:

  • Education – we stay on top of the latest medical cannabis and CBD research to ensure we’re at the forefront of information that can help our patients
  • Medical application – we help you determine which products could help, and provide information on how to dose accurately
  • Curated products – you know all the medicinal products you get from us will be tested and safe

Our Mission in Action

To support your health and wellness, we compiled a team of healthcare professionals, who are dedicated to reviewing products for their safety, accuracy in labeling, and efficacy.

Our Team

Founders, Stephen McCamman and Denise Wilson, have been helping people with Endocannabinoid System balancing and medical marijuana for a combined 20 years.

Stephen is also co-founder of the research group, The Clinical Endocannabinoid System Consortium (, and is a published author on the clinical methods of ECS balancing.

Denise is a trained medical massage therapist, having developed an expertise in the role of ECS balancing for chronic pain, muscular/skeletal issues, and skin conditions.

We are evidenced-based practitioners committed to helping our clients feel better and live better.

Helping Those Who Need Help

We offer discounts to seniors, veterans, and families with sick children – and have worked extensively with each of these groups over the years. Contact us directly if you need assistance with your medicinal needs. 

Security for your Peace of Mind

Your information is very important to us and we recognize your need for security and protection. Our site is 100% HIPPA compliant, just like your doctor’s office. In addition, we have SSL certification so that any information, personal or credit card, is protected with the latest secure communication software.